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Abbie Teal Labradorite Rhod. Pendant

Rhod. necklace with beads and Teal Labradorite Pendant.  Great with Jeans!!!

Emilie Multi Strand Gold/Plum Opal

A gold necklace with a beautiful petite plum opal

Gemma Strand Necklace Gold/Teal Mix

Gold necklace with Teal and Blue stones set in gold.

Haven Strand Necklace Gold with Colored Hearts

Gold Necklace with delicate colored hearts. black, pink, white, magenta, yellow and turquoise hearts.

Mrs. Pendant Necklace Rhod.

A necklace with Mrs. and a heart attached.

Rebecca White Howlite/Gold Necklace

A beautiful White Howlite trimmed with Gold Necklace.  Wonderful to wear on a date night out.