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Mount Olive Church

Piercing the silence of the night, the bell from Mount Olive tower rings throughout the valley, gathering all to midnight

Neil’s TV & Repair

In July of 1969, people across America gathered in front of their televisions to witness history in the making as

One Giant Step

When Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the surface of the moon, he inspired children across America to imitate

Queen Anne Revival B&B

This American Architecture Series introduction has another wonderful tie to our heritage. The sign tells us that this beautiful home

Rockwell’s Christmas Eve

Nobody captures the essence of ‘The Good Old Days’ quite like Norman Rockwell! Peek inside the front window where one

Santa’s Wonderland House

Santa’s Wonderland house complete with holiday decorations, winter friends, and a whimsical train full of gifts.  Lit with power cord

Scooter’s Diner

When it’s cold and dark outside there’s little more comforting than eating some greasy American food at your local diner.

Snowman Watertower

This snowman themed water tower is the perfect addition to your Christmas Village. Includes tree with holiday lights and sign