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Beach Punch Sugar Lip Polish

99% NATURAL | NOT VEGAN* | GLUTEN-FREE | NUT-FREE*contains beeswax   Oh sweet sunshine, opening this jar is like letting

Fast Fix Face Mask Sampler

98-99.6% NATURAL | NOT VEGAN* | NOT GLUTEN-FREE* | NOT NUT-FREE*contains yogurt, honey, royal jelly extract, oats & almond oil

Fluffy Bunny Body Wash

Our lightest, fluffiest scent is now a bubbly shower and bath delight. This best-selling scent will swirl you into a

Fluffy Bunny® Shea Butter Hand Cream

Just named one of the “15 Best Dermatologist Approved Hand Creams for Dry Skin” by Women’s Health magazine, our lightest,

Guac Star Revitalizing Avocado Hydration Mask

Get quenched and chill out with this deep dip of cool hydration! This revitalizing mask is packed with fresh avocado

Honey Heel Glaze

A scrumptious bottle of love for heels and toes. This divine honey-based serum seals in moisture and brings rich color

Hydration Cascade 3-Step Instant Spa Facial

Complexion feeling a little parched? Dry and rough too? This 3-step facial delivers deep hydration and a gentle polish for

Juniper Ale Body Oil

96% NATURAL | VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | NUT-FREE   Nourish your skin with this vitamin-rich, lightweight body oil scented with

Lustre Drench Instant Glow Dry Oil

96% NATURAL | VEGAN |GLUTEN-FREE | NUT-FREE   Swimsuit model skin, in an instant! A shimmery, sun-kissed look comes easy

Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter Hand Cream

This Shea butter whip is a tubeful of toasty pleasure! Scented with a marshmallowy light, all natural blend of tonka

Mighty Tighty Firming 3 Step Instant Spa Facial

Has complexion lost its glow? Fine lines overstaying their welcome? This 3-step facial gives skin a wealth of vitamins that

Mighty Tighty Mask

Feel tight, tingly and radiant with this antioxidant-rich blend of turmeric, fresh bananas, and New York-grown echinacea extract full of