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Hawaiian Chicken Salad

A delicious mix of cranberries and seasonings come together to make a next level chicken salad! Makes 6 cups.  Tip:

Pepper Springs Artichoke Parmesan Dip Mix

One of our most favorite dip mixes, a winning combination of artichoke with herbs and creamy Parmesan. Contains dairy.

Pepper Springs Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip Mix

Baked and served warm, this dip is an appetizing blend of lots of spinach and artichokes with a hint of

Pepper Springs JR’s Ranch Dip

This delicious Ranch mix is a traditional combination of black pepper, garlic, and other spices to keep ‘em coming back for

Pepper Springs Manana Mexican Dip Mix

Manana Mexican is the most pleasing blend of chiles, cumin, and other spices. Try it served with tortilla chips and

Savory Cracker Mix Set

Savory Cracker Mix: Cinnamon Toast, Original, Chipolte Set

Twisted Pepper Jalapeno Veggie

This Jalapeno Veggie dip mix is beautiful to serve, and delicious to eat!  Directions Dip: Mix contents with 2 cups of sour

Twisted Pepper Spinach Artichoke

This spinach artichoke dip mix is incredibly versatile and delicious! Sure to be a crowd pleaser! Directions Dip: Mix contents with 1